Angelic Waterfalls at Bhivpuri , 07th Sept, 2014

Blissful Waterfalls at Bhivpuri on 07th Sept, 2014


Meeting Point : Andheri station

Purpose of meeting : Trek [Organized by Holy Family Parish Members]

Time: 5.30 am

Weather: Rainy/cloudy/sunshine

Route: Dadar to Karjat (Bhivpuri is just One station before Karjat)

Entry Fee: A minimal amount of Rs.10 per Person.

Overall Experience : 6/10

Another day, it was the end of the waiting game and a beginning of the walk to remember in H✞S name. Every step, every thought, every wish, and all the anticipation that was bursting in me- to never fall together but rise Forever. And JESUS said, “I came to give GOOD news….There is Light shining through and surrounding You”

And that’s when on a bright sunny Sunday morning i set out with a very Special Friend towards the place where i could fly…fly away whilst wrapped in HS arms, Play with the creatures, leaving behind the noise of the town life and keep all burdens at the bay.

His strongest symphony and the caressing breeze could never leave me. A way out, a spark, a voice is all i needed;

And then, Our awesome God said this, “I will give You rest just be at your Best when you are put to test”

And this is where it all begins…..remembering where it all began…for those who wait!

Im just a word-a sound- the light lurking around.

and Lord opens the gate – “Welcome to the whispering and tearful/cheerful Bhivpuri Waterfalls”

From This Day Forward and Forevermore…….GOD LOVES YOU!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYPTMO10628566_930900893591714_1235038314548442486_n

>>>>>>Look at HS endless creation….There is a new Heaven on Earth!

This gorgeous waterfall had all of HS love & blessings to shower upon us….nestled amidst the heavenly lush green hills this was such an inviting spot to be at. This aesthetically pleasing place was at the core of everyone’s heart. We could see people pouring out in large numbers through the day to enjoy under this hard-hitting & breathtaking waterfalls. It could only pick us high. It all looked majestic while going onwards and upwards through this untraveled road that lead to this paradise. Upon reaching the spot the spirit was filled with excitement and there was fascination in the air, getting to see some beautiful faces from our parish was delighting as always.

Standing on an high-rise landscape, All I could enjoy apart from the waterfalls were the mesmerizing and serene meadows that kept rolling and rolling endlessly.

The trek-route was easy-go until I reached a point where I had to go through a trail of bushes and then prepare to dirty my jeans as it needed gliding over and on, moving up through the rocky areas was challenging because of the dampness and the steep heights. The pressure makes us stronger and keeps us moving forward, the hunger keeps growing but we can walk undeterred if we dont let that matter , the experience makes the difference and  the difference makes beautiful moments -that’s what makes it all worthwhile. The locals were very helpful, although you may find it hard to communicate with them. There were some wild dogs that came out of nowhere and followed us throughout the trekking trip, to me they appeared as friendly too.

I spent most of the time in and around the waterfall area. Blissful and soothing atmosphere always makes a nature boy go wow, woooooo, flee flee rapido rapido!!!!!!!!!! I had some quality time for nature musing at this spot.

Loved to be around with a group of people who just wanted to have some fun and experience the thrill.

We had come all the way from Andheri to join in the walk with JESUS. The weather was lovely and it was all bright for sight-seeing, on this fabulous day.

[ Although, There was not much sight to see by the way  🙂 ]

This day marks an history in various forms for me- I had all kinds of experiences from the excitement growing and then steadily slowing down to dull moments, From feeling sad, misplaced and derailed at times to Fight-unite & take the Flight kinda feelings (Fleeting Moments for sure.)


Special Thanks: To Leevan,  for making us feel welcomed and ensuring till the end that this trek runs smoothly and that there is complete harmony maintained amongst all the enthusiasts who graced the trek by their presence. To Wilroy, for his warm hospitality (Those Salami’s inside the Butter-spread bread was quite drooling and fulfilling especially when our stomach was growling)  😛

Jesus is the way to Heaven and here I was already in it – it felt that way as the beauty of this place connected with the spiritual side of me. It was like a year back, I knew that I would be with the same Family of friends dwelling around but I didn’t know it was gonna be this awesome with some more extension making it look even larger than ever before!


Good to see it only gets bigger and bigger…you all are some lovely people!

HOW BIG WAS OUR FAMILY : Over 70 enthusiasts standing Tall when Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall!  (Oops! Excuse my stupid rhymes – i love doing that a lot.)

🙂 😀     ~ GOD BLESS!


Lunch for the day.

Water bottle

Additional pair of clothes

Appetizers, Snacks, & Munchies

Camera (Optional)

Lots of Love and energy

Guess we did carry some wings [Or was i able to fly without it? 🙂 ]

Drinks were also available at the nearby tented shops – No, we didn’t carry that!
[Note: Parish doesn’t encourage to drink/booze]

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Top Bollywood songs to enrich your experience this monsoon !!! :)

Imagine the setting of a green field, landscape, rainforest, garden, beaches & hill resorts, all must be flourished due to rains..Thanks to the downpour!!! With all that lush greenery around, some bollywood monsoon themed songs can really set the tone right for this season. I personally like to listen to some nice music while i travel to different places. Music just lifts your mood and with that mood being set an experience while the journey can be just perfect. I am no stranger to that  feeling where you can celebrate the moment of being so close to nature with music enriching the experience. An atmospheric weather, the cool breeze reeling your hair, that dwelling symphony, the chills down your spine, the pitter patter silvery drops of rain, the scent of the mud, the chirping of the birds, the musical sound of glow worms and crickets in the night…all this can be a pleasant scene that you can be a part of…..and to make the most [with the essence of romance] You need the best kind of music, whether you are on an adventurous journey, a getaway or a romantic evening out with your loved one on a rainy day, Here’s how i can help you with some of the latest and best Monsoon Themed songs [For i love to mix Music & nature] : Enjoy the spirit of Monsoon….Music refreshes and brings fulltoo sukhoon [Happiness in Hindi]… may want to eat hot pakoda’s, sip a cup of Hot Tea, Sit by the window, maybe around a bonfire, snuggle under a blanket, Just chill and enjoy listening to some cool music!!! To truly live the spirit of Monsoon, Here’s some of my Top favorite Monsoon-themed songs/ Music that you can enjoy during the monsoon rains:

‘”Suno na Sangemarmar” – Youngistan , Arijit Singh

Baarish (Is Dard-e-Dil Ki Sifarish) – Yaariyan (2014)

Saans Mein Teri Saans Mili -Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Banjara – Ek Villain

Zaroorat – Ek Villain ft. Mithoon,Shraddha Kapoor

Galliyan – Ek Villain

Shaayraana  – Arijit Singh – 2014

Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2 – * blu-ray * – Aditya Roy Kapoor – Shraddha Kapoor

Nagada Sang Dhol – Ram-leela

Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu -Aashiqui 2 Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor

“Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi – Aashiqui 2”  Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor

Khabar nahin – Dostana (2008) ♥

Tu hi mera- Jannat 2 ft Emraan Hashmi & Esha Gupta  2012

Tum Gaye Ho kyo – Dum Maaro Dum 

Palat Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai – Main Tera Hero

Caller Tune – Humshakal 2014 

Tune Mari Entriyan (Full Song) – Gunday (2014)

Mere Naal Tu Whistle Baja – Heropanti

“Tujhe Bhula Diya Remix” – Anjaana Anjaani | Mohit Chauhan

Garaj Baras – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ali Azmat, Coke Studio



Aashiqui 2 (Mashup) Remix Official – Full Song (2013)

Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui (Solo) – Dishkiyaoon

Mala Ved Lagale ( Duet ) – Time Pass (TP) – Marathi Movie

  A Special mention :

Valentine Mashup 2014 – Kiran kamath

  Watch it.Feel it.Live it!!!!

Enjoy! 🙂   So having shared a lot of my favorites here, i would like to know that special song which makes your monsoon experience even wonderful!. I know there are a lot of oldies that kicked the monsoon theme from songs like Pyaar hua iqraar hua, Shree 420 (1955) and all the other bollywood old classics- that remain the unforgettables in indian cinema even today. They drive the theme of dancing under the pouring rain with one umbrella overhead. Which brings that imagery of romance in the rain. Like the typical rain-drenched heroines wearing a chiffon saree singing and dancing as an ode to the monsoons, and the hero standing as a gentleman with an umbrella.The lightening strike and thunder sounds and how that all entailed an era of romanticism filled with evergreen hindi songs. That ridden phenomena is still running in Hindi films and i doubt if the rain songs are getting sparse in this modern age while India is experiencing some heavy rainfall. Im happy that the trend setters of the current era to which we belong to, do have some quality songs to offer. If you have a favorite song that you enjoy during the Monsoon rains,   Go ahead and post yours in the comment! [All rights belong to their respected owners]

Club Mahindra Lake View Resort-Munnar in Kerala!!!~ An Heavenly Abode!!!

YPTPDSCF0908 After some days of planning to go on a family vacation, it was finally time to turn the dream vacation into a real trip of a lifetime. Some of the greatest values for families can be found at all-inclusive resorts and with that thought you grab the air tickets and get details about Club Mahindra resort (Kerala) and while you look at it, you get a feeling that its gonna make your trip worthwhile. For you come to know that there would be open roads to travel and the place you would be heading to is a special one for many aesthetic reasons, knowing all of this, you just get a good reason to jump in excitement – Don’t You? With that kind of feeling the bags were packed and we all stepped out of the house together for an adventure ride to begin. They call Kerala as God’s own country and we were eager to discover why? With our hearts filled with excitement and with the feeling that we wont be back home anytime soon we were hoping to see a lot of things around. We had never travelled so far together and knowing that we had miles to go…we wanted to embrace every kind of challenges that was on the way. Our journey through the airways was wonderful and comfortable but after reaching Munnar station the way forward through the roads proved to be very gutsy. I always knew to reach for the stars one must go through the hard path…climb every mountain and follow your hearts desire. My family member’s  & I were on a  similar mission with similar thought that would resound every other time during this our first trip to Club Mahindra Resort [Munnar ]. This was a painful journey giving us bouts of dizziness and we even felt like puking out of the car and my little niece seemed to be terribly affected by that scent of the eucalyptus than anyone else. It just get’s into your matter how hard you try to stay at your best. We had to stop our cab many a times to feel comfort in those never-ending steep roads. I think i was the only one staying cool throughout the journey listening to some energetic and atmospheric music that helped me endure and stay headstrong and away from such an ill condition.


OH!! What a relief upon reaching the destination… We all said with our lungs breathing some fresh air, looking around and feeling wonderful after seeing that luxurious hotel building. Seriously, we had to sigh ourselves!!! . We didn’t get the stars [ because it was cloudy all the time :P] but we did get a 5 Star luxurious Hotel [ I can say that loud 🙂 ]. There was a whole lot of things to be seen around the constellation and Heaven couldn’t wait!!!. My first impression was: The location of the hotel is ideal for a relaxed holiday. It is located at a long-distance above Munnar amongst clouds and tea plantations. The resort offers a beautiful view with well laid out rooms and i can imagine the place to have a favorable weather all the time.

A piece of advice for travelers driving in from Cochin to be light on the stomach as the roads are full of twists and turns. YPTPBDSCF0906 Just opposite to the face of the 3 floors hotel you will find this comforting place. You can sit and keep swinging and feel the breeze here. A great place for relaxation. I used this place to play the acoustic guitar.

[An old guitar was given to me by the children’s playroom Manager. He was very approachable and instantly could engage with me in talks about Music…The first question i remember that what he asked me was “Are you a musician?” and i replied with a smile yes i am…and asked him .. i look like one isn’t that true and he agrees with me.I wasn’t a stranger to that feeling- as i had similar experiences before in my life. I cannot appreciate enough the way he understood my instinctive need to play the guitar. During his hours of duty, He instantly searched an old acoustic guitar that he claimed to say was lying around for a long time in the storeroom. I felt damn lucky and wonderful. 🙂  This place is such an inspiration for artists. I had the pleasure to write a whole lot of ardent and atmospheric songs for my band here in the resort room.  And the guitar worked for me…to even touch people’s life. Seriously, I remember that night i was playing the guitar sitting on the swings near the bonfire area and a couple came towards me upon hearing the sound of music. They first quietly listened to me playing the instrument and then complimented for what i was playing. I felt nice.They wanted me to play some romantic songs for them from artists like Bryan Adams and some Hindi artists. I tried to play some slow songs for them as much as i could and  had a good time with them too. The guy freaked out on songs like Teri deewani, Everything I do, and i dont quite remember which all songs we played. He sang joyously to dedicate it to his fiance and that may as well been a good romantic moment for them both. So they took pictures with me to make it a part of their memorabilia i guess. To see them so happy together and to know that how music connects- touched me deeply.]


I must have missed this spot that is used for having a good time around the bonfire…i envy all those who were lucky to feel the warmth of the fire at this place.The only reason to miss this place would be the rains due to which the woods were all wet. If only there was a fire there…i would have been a cool dude dancing around it all, warming my cold palm and take in the warmth it had to offer.


There were different kind of rooms that i spotted. There are hut rooms made up of wood. We were lucky to have a cottage-like room which was spacious and a luxurious one and that made it comfortable for my big family. The rooms are well furnished , with kitchenette . We got a breath-taking view through the balcony. Some rooms may give you the tea garden facing room, if not you should have some serene surrounding. There was also a tree-house that we spotted while exploring more of the backroom area. We awoke every morning to some pleasantly chirping birds and a gentle mist hanging over a sea of tea plantations. It was wonderful to see the housekeepers cleaning the room each day. My only gripe is that the room service communication should be better here in this resort. Accessibility to the property is also an issue as it takes 31 Kms from Munnar to reach the property on the Thekkadi road but that’s pretty adventurous and is an health-check to oneself  in a way – so no complaints with that as you can’t do much about it. YPTPDSCF0905 Now look at that slope….you come all the way down to have breakfast, lunch, dinner at the Club Mahindra’s Restaurant or to have a good time in the Activity Room.  They have a facility wherein you are dropped to the Hotel in a car when requested for reasons like incessant rains. (A yellow umbrella is given to all for their shelter from pouring rains) . However the roads are narrow and you just have to watch-out on yourself that you don’t get so carried away by the beauty of the Tea-plantations alongside.  🙂 YPTPDSCF0912 Here are the stairs that lead you to explore the wonderful amenities the resort has to offer. Just a series of steps and you first reach the main Restaurant/breakfast/dinning area. Adjoining to the restaurant i think i noticed a professional ayurvedic SPA facility. You go straight across the dinning area then take a right down through the steps and there you reach the Activity room which also has a Kid’s playing room there. The glass fenced room below the dinning area {Next to the Staircase} is like  a resort’s general store where you get a lot of things to buy. With so many amenities you just can’t get bored if you were there for an holiday stay for a week or so. Evening activities were fun-filled. There were tables around and you could play indoor games like chess, some game that involved matching the colors on  a plastic frame  {Dont quite know the name – but remember that was a brain-teaser too}, Carromboards and Pool Table were available and within a minute i got hooked onto it and made some friends there. At evenings there were organized activities like magic shows, housie and other fun stuff. Kids palying area,  Games in the activity room , lot of other things to do in the resort like you could attend dancing classes , painting classes, get a mehndi done on hands etc. I roamed around with my ice-cream and other deserts that were available to see how beautifully the foreigners were dancing traditionally to some nice Dandiya music during my stay. I was so impressed looking at their flawless moves and i said to myself they really do it better than me ~ I suck. 😛

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯  Travel+Culture+Music  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Enjoy some Dandiya music and watch how nicely the Foreigner’s dance as they embrace Indian culture ~  Watch here–>


Being young at heart is me. Children Play and I entertain some kids as they connect with the child in me !!!  😀

YPTPDSCF0880YPTPDSCF0881 YPTPDSCF0883 That’s my Bro who won some prizes for winning some of the Indoor games competition.YPTPDSCF0884 And a girl who had come for a stay at Club Mahindra collects her prize for participating and wining it for herself! Different families coming together and individuals playing around and to see them win prizes- Makes one feel awesome!   YPTPDSCF0886 Dinner with the Magician who delivers everything to entertain the people come-for-the-table doing things like Abracadabra and instantly seeks attention! I loved to watch what he did with a piece of cloth, i was amazed an awe-struck that moment, til today i dunno WTF that was!!! But Magic was everywhere from being outdoors and feeling blessed by nature to being Indoors and seeing interesting things that catch a spell on you [For a first time visitor like me- i was spellbound.]

YPTPDSCF0862   YPTPbestDSCF0861 YPTPDSCF0839 YPTPDSCF0840 The resort is so huge that there is a dense forest area behind the main 3 floors building. And there are lot many things to check at the backside area of the cottages and rooms where the steps shall guide you to discover more. In between these houses i found a Tree-House and that was quite fascinating as it brought back some nice memories that i had with some other resorts. Moving upwards through the backside area there was a little shop spotted which provided general stuffs like bread and butter, snacks like Biscuits, Wafers, Ruffle Lay’s and cold drinks. [ I wouldn’t have known about this shop if i had not decided to roam therein].  When you peer a long-distance from there  all you can see at this backyard region is Hilly area and dense forest with tall trees. But we wanted to stroll till the extreme end and so moving ahead up north we saw ducks/swan lurking around which amused my niece and everyone else.  We were in awe to see some nicely maintained vegetable and fruit plantations [that very much reminded us of our native place for some reason].  There was also an hiking spot seen for recreational purposes but i doubt that was risk-free for little guidance was seen at that place. YPTPDSCF0850 YPTPDSCF0857   YPTPDSCF0858 YPTPDSCF0860 YPTPDSCF0845

YPTPDSCF0828YPTPDSCF0829   YPTPDSCF0833   Now let me bring you the scenery from Munnar, all in all there’s greenery around that is surrounded by mountain streams, tea plantations and waterfalls that shall captivate your heart, this place is a real pleasure from a viewing perspective. Serve’s every purpose of a nature-lover by making the experience extremely relaxing and refreshing. The beautiful view of the green hills can be seen from the rooms and for a more closer look it can’t get any real as it serve’s as a peaceful sight-seeing spot to your naked eye’s.  In and around Munnar you could see the lakes, tea estates, plantations, wild life park. The mountains and serene surrounding has got exactly what one can ask to have a nice week of holiday. They exude a wondrous charm where one can make maximum use of time by involving in nature musings. Waterfalls, clouds, winding roads, misty mountains is what makes the experience adventurous and rejuvenating. It helps soothe all the stress just with a touch of serenity – that’s unbelievable, does anyone feel the same. From the resort area one can visit various places of interest. The hotel rates for sightseeing is quiet steep but i heard you can directly book the local taxi drivers at almost half the rate, you will find them standing near the resort entrance itself. So keep exploring if you have the time … you could do a lot of sight seeing. Take help of the drivers outside the resort who offer you good deals and take you around. So you can discover more-Stay watchful!. To conclude, let me put it this way, Munnar is a fabulous hill-station getaway to relax and unwind. Here the nature’s spell is cast on you with a beautiful charm throughout the pathways. The weather over there is very atmospheric and that should set-up a perfect mood for holiday camping. Quite a refreshing place for people who want to beat the summer heat. Without a doubt, its an ideal getaway for families and couples. Sightseeing that are a must see : 1. The Wild Periyar Tour 2. Munnar Nature Tour 3. The Wild Munnar Tour 4. The Wild Chinnar Tour 5. Spice Plantations Tour If privacy and coziness is what you seek , and you could test yourself and stay undettered and is ok to travel long-distance through the winding roads to be far away from the maddening world, then you surely will see Heaven in Kerala. This will be an experience of a lifetime that you won’t forget. This was exactly what we needed for a Family holiday. The atmosphere at the hotel and the time spent all around therein makes the experience worthwhile and truly a memorable one.  If ever i get a chance to be there  again {For i  really wish} i will trade a lot to feel that thrill and excitement that was at its peak for me. I’m sure this place will do the magic again!. 🙂 Thank You Kerala..i feel truly blessed!!!   YPTPDSCF0838   YPTPDSCF0910 YPTPbesttDSCF09041   YPTPDSCF0834                                                        Stay in Harmony!


Here i got some more evidence to prove why Club Mahindra in Kerala is one of the best resorts!!!

Cheers to Life & Travel Adventure! 🙂

Do stay with me on the same pathways, to explore some more scenic beauties!!!

Til then i can’t wait to whistle out “Let the adventure ride begin!!!”

~ Samir Alvares

Matheran ~ Meandering in joy to the promised land, Finding Nirvana!



Welcome to Matheran ~ where nature abounds every woman and man !!! — [And i think that shudda be seen on that board…no complaints at all) 😛



Imagine Hot pakora’s, Samosas , bhajia’s along with Hot tea on a cold rainy day…..this is what you see in those stalls just outside the Matheran station. The aroma invites the passengers and the street food stall owners greets everyone with one liners..that may just make you smile…something like “Aao aao Garmagaram Samose Kao” /Come on and eat some warm samosas. One may just want to give in to those cheap, impromptu roadside stalls offering tea and countries irresistible street foods.



After the trials and thrills that we had throughout the trek route we finally find glory in resting our tired legs on the base of the hill-top. With so much beauty all around….it was time to get the camera’s out, Scream out loud in joy only to hear echoes back, and pretty much experience the essence of this place.


This side of the place the burning sun was right overhead…so you look down and say WOW what a captivating view…look around and you are no stranger to the thought that this is just another paradise in India. This spot was a good place for some nice hill-top nature musings…



some meandering waterfalls just made for fun time….that was a cool moment relaxing and talking on the rocks!


While we were all sitting down in our comfort zones surrounded by lush greenery….there was a whole world out there begging to be explored.


Tuning myself to nature i wanna show you how happy one can be {Look behind trekmates engaged in some funny talks..they are just having a cool time…and lemme tell you if you didn’t believe a damn thing i said that Happiness is also a gift from nature!!! ].  🙂


This was my attempt to fly across the ocean…but knowing it was just a small lake i just decided to stay in the water and dance with the fishes !!!


Let me express my gratitude towards Mother nature and all those who made me a part of this wonderful experience {Soon i was gonna transform into a flying machine/ monster or something …perhaps i got way too inspired by the movie :Pacific Rim} 😀 .Seriously, to caress the silvery streams in awe….is just one of a kind feeling!!!  Image

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ No matter how  many fish in the sea it’d be so empty

╰╯╰╯╰┻━━╯╰╯♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯  🙂

 ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„ ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ °º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º „¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°°°°°°°





So this is how you feel when you have achieved something walking a road less travelled…and coming down the mountains chanting victory hymns…[Rise freedom rise] . Truly smells like teen spirit , is that not evident enough??? [Smiling 🙂 ].

And we made our way back home…..with our hearts filled with splendour!.

Spreading lots of Cheer and Joy around!!!


Picture Courtesy : Wilroy D’Souza & Samir Alvares


~ Samir Alvares


Chinchoti Waterfalls~ An exhilarating experience i had with all the Trekmates amidst the sounds of waterfalls and the surrounding hills!


So the trek begins….


We are feeling it…as we move upwards and given to the lure of nature’s enigmatic calling in such an atmosphere surrounded by moderately dense forest..we couldn’t help but stay enthusiastically destined to make it to the spot we were eager to reach! .



A friend of mine finds something interesting while the Trek is on…and he is caught in action (You could tell by the small puddles on the pathway that it rained therein early morn)



This brings in the first challenge…to climb over rocks that were slippery…and then somehow make it through the narrow escape. One by one we stood volunteering for support as that was indeed a risk prone area.


O’ Man, this could get freaky…ladies go first….and as per the plan we stay undeterred !


Here we see the enigma turned into a real thing. What a fantastic sight to see from afar. We were fascinated by the charm of this spot at Chinchoti and all excited as we hear the sound of the living water flowing for the first time.

[Best known for the waterfalls during the rains..also can be a dangerous place- so my advise will be to stay away from this part of the place].

I remember i was on the verge of losing my footwear somewhere at these small rivulets near the base of Chinchoti Waterfalls for which i attempted a dive with the right arm outstretched until i finally got hold of it. Damn that was quite Epic!!!

You will see exactly what i mean to say when you watch 0.36 secs of the below song video, You probably can also relate why that picture was incorporated in the video ..that was one helluva moment in a blissful place!!!



So we spot some people of other groups already present there and having a good time…one can figure out what kind of crowd you can get to see..the locals, the ritualistic trekkers, the off-beat family  and so on. Now this was encouraging but one would wonder why the voices of the people couldn’t be heard until they actually made it so close to this spot. (Probably the woods of the trees all around absorbs most of the sound-waves or must be the giant rocks deflecting it all in such an enclosed environment). The moment i stepped-in that area all i heard was different sounds of the people, the sounds of the waterfalls running deep and knowing all were one with nature having some massive fun. I peered skywards to see the origin of the water flow..i must say that the length of the waterfall wasn’t too small nor huge but relatively big as i would imagine.


At the midway of the entire waterfall area was an enchanting place formed by the gushing water that i would like to term as baby waterfalls for some reason.Many were seen there enjoying to the fullest, diving in and resting on the rocks that were alongside.


And we made it through all the bushes and giant rocks to finally do all that we could in this Prime location of Chinchoti waterfalls. Our tired legs needed some rest before we plunge our feet into the it was a great idea to sit on the rocks ..lucky were those who spotted dry areas and unlucky were those who actually did..come the end we all had a plan to get set wet [If you know what i mean]. This was a nice resting session we had as a team of youth members and around this time we were damn hungry that we emptied all the snacketties, sandwitches, salami, maggi and different kind of lunch that were packed in the tiffins that all these trekmates carried in their bags and as one family the eateries were shared amongst each of us. We needed that.Thank God for  i had the opportunity to go trekking with some lovely people.  🙂


Leaving our bags and other belongings on the nearby rocks we drenched ourselves in shallow waters. The water was pretty cold and the raindrops were hitting on our face like frozen knives, you get in the way of the waterfall and each time you leave with shivers up your spine. That thrilled us big time. When we reached this serene water body where the level would almost stay calm we spent a great deal of time therein smiling, laughing, dancing, jumping, bathing and pretty much had a good time doing everything. This area which was an extension of the raging waterfalls that came from a long distance up north proved to be very chilled and so we took turns to go back on the rock surface..dry ourselves and come back in. We didn’t feel like coming off the water once we got used to it..and the cool dudes like me just had every reason to go crazy…the picture should tell you a lot about how exhilarating and tranquilling the whole experience was.


We were all blessed by the waterfalls and the natural resource of the place. Amidst the silence and all voices of nature we could just dwell around in happiness and peace. We made some wonderful memories for ourselves which we will cherish for life long. Rocked by the undercurrents of water and cool showers of the rain…Without a doubt, a place to be there again.

Photo Courtesy: Wilroy D’souza and Samir Alvares


~ Samir (Sam) Alvares !